Quick vegan sandwiches

I love Dr. Praegers kale burgers.

I start out most sandwiches by warming tortillas in a panini press.

I then add lettuce, grape tomatoes, and soy-free Veganaise.


Lastly, crisp the kale burger on both sides and then cut in half and make two tortilla wrap sandwiches.

Cucumber and tomato salad for lunch

Among the great buys I found yesterday when shopping for produce, I came across 8 cucumbers (about 1 lb) for $2.26, so I decided to eat them for lunch today together with a dry pint of grape tomatoes.


I first peeled the cucumbers then sliced them into quarters lengthwise before chopping them into bite-sized chunks.


I then cut each tomato in half and put them into a mixing bowl with the cucumber chunks.


I then made a dressing using the following ingredients:

2 TBSP Bragg’s apple cider vinegar
2 TBSP mustard
6 TBSP coconut nectar (or coconut sugar or agave nectar or minced dates or other sweetener)


I ate this entire bowl for lunch.  Peeled large cukes have about 35 calories each and the pint of tomatoes had about 110 calories for a total of about 390 calories in fruit (yes, both tomatoes & cukes are technically fruits) plus the calories in the sauce, which was about 330 (due to the coconut nectar). Therefore, the entire meal was 720 calories, with only about 3 grams of fat (from the cukes), zero cholesterol, about 18 grams protein, and 20 grams of fiber.  Nutritionally, the meal contained 195% of my daily vitamin C, 100% of my vitamin A, 40% of my iron, and 25% of my calcium (from the cukes).  It was quite a refreshing, satisfying, and nutritious lunch.