Judgment error on Easter


Easter eating started well. I ate half of these bananas for breakfast on my way to church and the other half during a coffee break at church.  

For Easter supper I made rotini with tomato sauce and wilted spinach with vegan garlic Parma topping; a tossed salad made with romaine, tomatoes, avocado, and cucumber; and a small bowl of leftover cabbage soup from the day before (sorry, forgot to take pics before we ate everything). Since the weather was perfect we even took the dog for a walk to the lake after supper. So far so good – healthy and happy. 

Then came my judgment error.  In an attempt to be festive, I ate an entire  vegan chocolate egg (made with rice milk chocolate).  Did I mention I ate the entire thing?  I knew it was more fat than I am used to eating, but I didn’t anticipate how heavy and thick it would feel in my stomach and digestive tract.  I also forgot about how much caffeine there is in chocolate!  I don’t typically consume anything that  contains any caffeine whatsoever so I had quite a strong reaction to an entire chocolate egg’s worth.  I literally had a hangover from indulging in this egg.  Oh well, live and learn. Next holiday I will undoubtedly be making my own ultra-lowfat high-carb caffeine-free dessert.

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