Breakfast and Lunch

I typically eat organic raw fruit for both breakfast and lunch because it digests easily and gives me a huge amount of energy. Regarding portions, if I am eating fruit as a meal I will eat the following amounts, with the goal being for each meal to consist of between 400 to 600 calories worth of fruit.

6 to 8 bananas

20 pitted medjool dates

8 apples

8 oranges

11 tangerines

11 kiwis

1 mini-watermelon

1 lope

1 honeydew

4 mangos

1 pineapple

6 cups whole blueberries

8 cups whole strawberries

If I combine fruits with one another I always make sure that they are combined properly for optimal digestion.  Melons should always be eaten alone.  Keep in mind that if your digestive tract is healthy, melons should digest in less than 30 minutes.  Bananas can be combined with dates but not with other fruits.  I often eat bananas and/or dates if I’m in a hurry because they can easily be eaten while on the go with very little mess – just don’t forget to bring a bag for the peels and don’t leave the peels in your car on a hot day. Dates keep well even in extreme temperatures so I always keep a mason jar of them in my glove compartment or console.



Honeydew melon

Honeydew melon



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